When It Comes to Blogging, What Do You Know?

We have all heard the term blog, and many of us subscribe to them. However, if you want to truly understand the blogging world and potentially start a blog, then this entry in the how to start a blog 101 series can give you a basic understanding of the practice.

What Does Blog Stand for?

A blog is defined as “a regularly updated website or web page, typically run by one individual or a small group, written in a conversational tone” (Google). It is also understood to mean add new material or update a blog.

It is actually a shortened version of web log, the initial name for personal writings that were posted to the Internet.

Blog Design Basics: Take Notes

how to start a blog 101

There are some tips that can be helpful to every blogger. They are listed below.

Understand White Space

White Space is what breaks up the content and makes it easier to read. With more white space, your blog has a clean appearance and is less overwhelming.

Make Your Content Easy to Scan

Use subheads, short paragraphs, bold important points but do this minimally and make important quotes and side text stand out in some way.

It is also important to use your white space efficiently to help with this goal.

Don’t Overload the Side Bar

Skip the extra widgets that ultimately don’t do anything. Make sure there is a search bar, contact information and easy access to other categories of your blog – in case people want to read more and have an idea of what they want to read.

Use Navigation Bars Carefully

Make a strategy and put it into effect for your navigation tabs. This can make them easier to use and make your blog more appealing to visitors. Make decisions and leave out the less important pages, as they can crowd the navigation panel and drive away readers.

Make Sure Your Blog is Mobile-Accessible

A lot of people do their surfing and reading on their phones. If your blog does not have an option to be read on a mobile device, you will lose a lot of readers. This may seem time-consuming, but in the end you will see that it is worthwhile.

Mobile accessibility is a necessity in a world where people go non-stop. They are not likely to take note of an interesting blog and get on a computer to read the article. They are going to forget about it immediately if they can’t access it in the moment.

As you can see, how to start a blog 101 is an in-depth process. It involves a lot of learning and requires you to commit a lot of time and effort to understanding what a blog is and how it will most effectively reach the reader. You cannot just throw something together and hope for the best. If that is your approach, you will be buried in the forgotten legions of inexperienced and lazy bloggers. Don’t let that happen to you.